InstructorAgile Digital
TypeIn Person Interactive Class
TimeFebruary 2017
PlaceSydney, Australia
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Scala Training Agile Digital Scala Akka

Advanced Akka With Scala

This is a two-day advanced course on building distributed reactive applications using Akka and Scala. It is intended for developers who already have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of building applications using Akka and Scala on a single JVM and are looking to learn how to scale out to multiple nodes and 3rd party systems. This course has extensive hands-on work and successive exercises build upon prior lessons learned to produce a fully functional application that is both event-driven and resilient by the conclusion of the course.


2 days


After having participated in this course you should

  • know how to use Akka’s remoting and clustering features
  • understand how to integrate 3rd party systems
  • know how to create a RESTful HTTP layer
  • be confident to start using Akka on large scale

A basic knowledge of Akka as covered in the “Fast Track with Akka and Scala” course as well as a basic knowledge of Scala as covered in the “Fast Track to Scala” course with at least two months practical experience in developing with Akka and Scala.

Bring your own hardware

Students are required to bring their own laptops for this course.

Setup Requirements

To complete the exercises in this course, students need to install the following before class:


  • Review of Akka Basics
  • Akka Remoting
  • Akka Cluster
  • Cluster Aware Routers
  • Cluster Singleton
  • Cluster Sharding
  • Akka Persistence